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'ALLEGIANT' split into two movies!

‘ALLEGIANT’ split into two movies!


The Divergent movie has been released and dates for Insurgent and Allegiant have been set.

It has now been announced that Allegiant will be split into two movies.

Allegiant Part 1 will be released on March 18, 2016 and Allegiant Part 2 will be released on March 24, 2017.

What do you guys think?

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Exclusive Photos and Interviews from ‘DIVERGENT’ World Premiere in LA!

Photo Mar 18, 7 58 48 PM

Divergent Faction was lucky enough to attend the Divergent premiere in Los Angeles on March 18th along with a bunch of other Divergent fansites.

Check out photos and video interviews with Shailene Woodley, Veronica Roth, Ray Stevenson, and Tom Holkenborg.

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_DSC0127Photo Mar 18, 7 57 38 PM

Photo Mar 18, 7 58 41 PM Photo Mar 18, 7 58 48 PM Photo Mar 18, 7 59 17 PM Photo Mar 18, 8 18 58 PM Photo Mar 18, 8 21 10 PM

Interviews with Shailene Woodley, Veronica Roth, Amy Newbold, Christian Madsen, Ray Stevenson and Tom


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Happy #FourFour Day! Come celebrate ( Video, Veronica Roth, Theo James, prizes and more)!


You know what today is? It’s FourFour day! In honor of our boy Four lots of awesome things are happening.

Watch this video featuring Veronica Roth, Theo James, the ladies of Epic Reads and more that shared Four words on Four:

Click here for your chance to win a bunch of great prizes.

4.4 Day Giveaways!

Share your 4 words on Four…

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Now is your chance to read the first quote from Four: A Divergent Collection courtesy if…
First teaser for FOUR: A DIVERGENT COLLECTION coming on #FourFour(April 4th) Day!

The Divergent series Facebook just released a new photo of our lovely Veronica Roth filming a teaser for the the 1st teaser quote from FOUR: A DIVERGENT COLLECTION.

Caption: Hmm… What is Veronica Roth up to in our video studio?
Tune in here and on on #FourFour Day (Friday, April 4th) to join the celebration! We’ll have giveaways, video, the 1st teaser quote from FOUR: A…

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#VoteTris for Favorite Character for the MTV Movie Awards!

Now is your chance Initiates to show how much you love Tris. Vote for her in the Favorite Characters category for the MTV Movie Awards!



The MTV Movie Awards takes place on Sunday, April 13th! Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort will be in attendance!

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Divergent Faction Review: ‘DIVERGENT’ movie!


I was lucky enough to see Divergent 3 times. The below are my honest feelings and opinion.

First off let’s talk the the Divergent actors. Shailene Woodley is the perfect Tris. She knocked it out of the park with her acting. Theo James is Four. Zoe Kravitz as Christina was so spot on. It truly came natural for her. The whole cast was great. Maggie Q as Tori is definitely my favorite.


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'DIVERGENT' DVD & Blu-ray already available for pre-order!

Divergent just hit theaters last night, but it is already available for pre-order in regular format and Bluray. Thanks to for pointing this out.

Pre-order the DVD, Blu-ray, or HD format of the Divergent DVD over at Amazon.

Will you be pre-ordeing your Divergent DVD asap?

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'INSURGENT' movie officially greenlit by Lionsgate!


Divergent hit theaters in a some theaters last night at 8pm. Others where able to see the film at 12am. Either way Divergent has been a hit so far. It has $4.9 million for just Thursday night. That is a great number.

That being said Insurgent has officially been greenlit by Lionsgate!Read Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer’s statement:

“We’re off to a great start with strong numbers from all regions…

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‘DIVERGENT’ makes a $4.9 million Thursday night!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Divergent has grossed a strong $4.9 million on Thursday night.